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Thread: Woocock already!

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    Woocock already!

    Out lamping last night on fields that woodcock frequent,and they are here already.This is 3 weeks earlier than last year.Does this mean we,re in for a harsh winter?

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    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    saw one on monday night whilst out driving near dunbar

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    I would imagine its residents that you saw, woodcock travel with the moon normally arriving around the time of the full moon, the last full moon was I think 31st of August, the majority of woodcock arrive with the November moon
    you will often find some more arriving in December,and its not unknown to get small fall in October, but to all intents and purposes November is arrival time.

    As to woodcock indicating a harsh winter maybe, maybe not, the numbers and the time of their arrival has more to do with the weather in the country they have left, than what sort of weather we will get here.

    Woodcock can only feed in soft ground so will keep moving on in front of frost , that is both South and West
    Where you are I think most of your woodcock will come from the Scandinavian country's ,[though I am not certain on that] where as where I am they are more likely to come from Siberia.

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    I always book a day off work after the November full moon to go after woodcock. Although this year I'm not quite sure what to do as there are full moons on 29th October and on 28th November. Now I know that technically only one of those is the November full moon, and it's clear which one that it, but on the other hand, woodcock can't read calendars. I suppose I could try outings after both!

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    I found last winter produced a record bag of woodcock on my ground, probably due to the lack of frost like bog said.

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    We have seen quite a few out lamping in the swamps err I mean stubbles.


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    In my wood (midlands)we had a few breeding residents in the summer.
    but none were seen or shot till late October/Nov

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