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Thread: A-Tec moderator replacement

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    A-Tec moderator replacement

    I am in the market for a moderator and I was tempted by an A-Tec (the semi-reflex style rather than the CMM). I personally like the reflex style which offers a second bearing point and not excessive protrusion in front of the barrel; they are much lighter than the T8, PES T12 or Wildcat alternatives and have a reputation for being quiet.

    And Thar rates them!

    Anyway I noticed from A-Tecs Norwegian website; that the range has changed from that which Bruce Potts reviewed in Sporting Times in May'08. The quietest reflex style model the TMM - 4 is now only 400gm and the model down CTM - 4 is only 280 gm.

    So I called James Clark at Jager Sporting Arms (the UK Importer) who is apparently no longer importing them A-Tecs, but rather launching his own moderator range later this month.

    He claims his new moderator will be of similar proportions to the semi-reflex A-Tec (previous model) with an aluminium body, but with all stainless steel baffles (to eliminate the baffle burning experienced with alloy baffles). They will be pitched against the T8 in price terms (i.e. c£190) and he hopes sound moderation will be at least as good as the T8.

    I would be interested if any members have views or further information on this prospective new arrival or the current A-Tec range - including whether anyone else is now going to be importing them?

    Thanks Neal

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    Re: A-Tec moderator replacement

    Quote Originally Posted by mallettn
    I would be interested if any members have views or further information on this prospective new arrival or the current A-Tec range - including whether anyone else is now going to be importing them?

    Thanks Neal
    Hi Neal

    You will not be too surprised to hear that I know all about them and have my order in for one of the first ones to be released. I will do a review for the site, at the minute they are looking exceedingly good value for money and are being made in the UK.

    The problem with any imported moderator or any goods for that matter is the price now the pound so low against the other major currencies. I donít know how that will effect the new importer of A-Tecís but I canít really see them coming down in price.

    I guess the prudent thing to do is if you are in the market for a moddy is to wait a while if you can, and take a look at the new Jager arms one before you buy.

    Best rgds


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    Hi Tahr,

    I was rather suspecting that you would know a thing or too about them!

    I am grateful for your reply as the new moderator does sound like it will be a very good fit for my requirements, but I would have been nervous about being one of the first to try one on what will be my first rifle (I have just got my rifle license).

    If you are going to review them for the site I can sit back and benefit from your observations knowing that you have a wide experience of different moderators. I must say have been finding the Forum a great resource in this respect.

    Thanks in advance


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    Currently own 3 A-tecs, reflex type. Compared to other mods including the S5, I would rate them one of the best overall.
    However, I have not fired an excessive number of rounds through any particular one, so have not come across any baffle burn (James has plenty of spare baffles for the A-Tecs still).
    I have not had the chance to compare them to the Ase Utra compact, so again my opinion has to be qualified.

    The new importers for A-Tec is Peter Jackson, he currently has the rimfire mods in stock, but is awaiting the new model of A-Tecs for centrefire rifles.

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    have alook at the review/test in sporting rifle mag

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    Thanks for the further information; I have a chance to evaluate a few moderators on Mon.

    Good to know that A-Tec will remain an option if Peter Jackson is going to be the new importer.

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    I was at Bisley earlier today, James from Jager was there with his mod. I took the opportunity to have a good look. I've got an A-tec so I can tell you that his own one is very similar.

    The baffles are almost identical to the A-tec ones, partly to make sure that he can supply current A-tec owners with replacements if they should burn theirs out. His demo mod had 3 alloy baffles and 2 stainless steel ones, like the A-tec, though his end baffle was stainless and fairly beefy.

    The tube of the mod has around 8 flutes on it (no knurling like on the A-tec) and like the A-tec it is threaded both ends.

    For the part that screws onto the gun, it still has the recess for the nylon bushing, though no circlip to hold it in, and unlike the A-tec, it is knurled rather than having flats for a wrench (I'm sure this is easier to make that way). The tube section that stretches over the muzzle is a wider tube than the A-tec, which means that it can accommodate fatter barrels, though this does mean a slight reduction in internal volume. The bushing for screwing onto the muzzle has a left handed thread - a definite improvement over the A-tec, because the A-tec is right handed and will unscrew itself if you overtighten the mod.

    For the end cap, again this is knurled (the A-tec has a 10mm hex opening at the hole.

    Overall, the mod was a bit beefier than the A-tec, but basically the same design, how much weight gain this translates to, I don't know, but the A-tec is quite light at 550g, I expect this mod will come in at around 600g.

    In terms of sound moderation, I would be very surprised if it's any different to an A-tec. And at the price he was talking about, very competitive. James is currently waiting for the first batch to come back from anodising and said he was planning to test it before making it available. By his request, I'm not going to post any photos because they're still pre-production and still in the white.

    All-in-all, very positive, I'd buy one... And probably will when I need another mod.

    p.s. will post some pictures of the A-tec later so people know what bits I'm talking about...

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    A-tec in pieces... On the right is the body tube. On the left from the top: the bit that screws onto the end of the barrel and over the front, spacer tube, 2 stainless steel baffles, 3 alloy baffles, alloy end baffle and end cap. Yes, it is dirty!

    One end of the tube - threaded, other end is the same.

    Top end piece, end on, delrin bushing (close fit to outside of barrel), held in by circlip. Flats machined to form a giant nut.

    Other end of the top piece: the stainless bit screws on - this is the bit that unscrews itself if you tighten the mod on too much: I ended up securing it with a couple of turns of PTFE tape (tight but not permanently secured). Yeah alright, there is a bit of rust from the barrel after I left the mod on overnight, won't be doing that again!

    End cap, with the 10mm hex hole.

    Hopefully the pictures put the comments in my previous post into perspective.

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    Thank you for all the details you got from James from Jager. It sounds like a good option when it becomes available. The problem is that I saw a the gun I wanted which came with a moderator so I now have a pretty mint 6.5 x 55 Sako 85 with an ASE Northstar moderator.

    Still I feel sure your information will benefit others who read this thread.

    Incidentally, I have to say that I like the ASE Northstar moderator for the following reasons:

    I was looking for a reflex style to minimise length, but I don't like the barrel marks you get from the bush with T8's and Wildcats (and Atec I assume). Also the Sako has a 20" barrel so a T8 or Wildcat would require a bipod spacer to stop the Harris 9-13" bipod touching the mod. The Northstar comes back down the barrel less than the T8 or Wildcat so the bipod fits and being shorter it doesn't need or have the barrel marking bush.

    It is also stainless steel and noticable quieter than a Wildcat P8 (tried both on gun).

    Downsides - not as light as Atec or some compact muzzle mods, but it is lighter than T8 or P8. Doesn't come apart for cleaning - which is OK by me.

    Final upside is that doesn't ring like T8 so I don't think it needs a neoprene cover - especially as being stainless steel it matches barrel (sorry that's looks not performance).

    Thanks again for all the information, even though I went a different way it helps get to the decision.


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    No worries, I thought the information and pictures would be useful / interesting for everyone...

    On a more general note, I find it's generally difficult to find reasonably sized pictures of stuff, whether it's rifles, scopes, mods. I find it strange that retailers and manufacturers only seem to put a few low res images on websites and it's annoying!

    p.s. If anyone else fancies sharing pictures of stuff (rust and all ), then I'm sure people would not complain!

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