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Thread: Brady stuff.

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    Brady stuff.

    I have a few Brady of Halesowen items i bought before they went to mass production and i am open to offers or swaps. 1. A brand new leather cartridge holder still in the box with labels.
    2. A brand new canvas and leather cartridge holder.
    3. A once used Brady "SCOTT" Gamebag in canvas and leather,
    4. A brand new Brady canvas and leather gunslip which will take a 12g O/U but i think it is designed for a 20g.
    5.A for Brady guncase in green canvas for a O/U FROM 1970's.
    6. A well used Brady "SCOTT" gamebag that needs a buckle and a wee bit TLC.
    7. A brand new Brady leather guncase in unmarked leather with a red lining.
    I am not a dealer but have too much stuff gathering dust.

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    any pics and prices?
    interested in the gamebag please

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    PM'd regarding gamebags....

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    Is one of the gamebags still available?

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    Good morning. PM sent re. o/u guncase.

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    PM me your contact details and i will send you a picture. With my 27 1/2" b25 there is room for longer guns.

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