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    One of the members of my shooting club kindly arranged for some of us to go on a trip around the Birmingham Proof House. We were guided by a wonderful bloke called Bill Harding (C W Harding). He has set up a museum (The Bill Harding Museum) there with many fine examples of most of the important innovations in gunsmithing, especially those related to the Birmingham gun trade. We looked around the whole Proof House, where they proof both Military and civilian firearms. There is a "Black Museum" too, where there are examples of what mistakes in reloading and gun safety can result in.

    If you are interested in ammunition and its history may I recommend to you his book;

    by C W Harding British Cartridge Manufacturers, Loaders & Retailers Including Ironmongers & Gunsmiths

    This is an excellent and informative read from a very witty and extremely interesting man who has done much to preserve the history and heritage of our sport.


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    Our wildfowling club did a trip around the Birmingham proof house about 2 years ago and I started to talk to the proof master about wildcat cartridge you have never seen so many bored wildfowlers in your life. But an amazing place and well worth a trip.

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