Any one who as read my profile and introduction will know that I have strong connections to scandinavian countries and work for Danish firm. As a consequence many of the employees that exchange to our site for periods of time want to undertake stalking with an expectation of good quality heads, ready selection of locations, and for there to be quality animals present from the outset.

One such opportunity arrose last week, where two Danish colleagues exchanged to work with us for 2 months decided that as they had brought all the kit with them that they needed some stalking, and it fell to me to organise a full weekend for two with limited time and the Southampton Boat Show consuming accommodation all over.

A few calls later a a company 'Jelen Deer Services' based in Stockbridge was recommended by other stalkers I have contact with in Denmark and decided upon. The communication with both Dave Watson and Mike Allison by telephone and email was fantastic; with good follow-up to any messages left. With the 'declaration forms' completed abd emailed through and monies bank-transferred the day(s) were set and both colleagues were as giddy as two school-children with antisipation.

The first day stalking saw good shooting for both, with fine Fallow and Roes being taken, both as part of a cull fee and trophy; additional views of potential trophy Roes only set to wet the appetite. The ground was set and when checking in that evening with the Danes I could hear the quality of their experience had dismissed any reservations they had held ( first time stalking in UK ).

The weather held; the predicitions were true, the second day resulted in comprehensive bags for both guns; a fine Sika Stag, 3 Roe - 6 pointer and a fox on the return leg to the stalking vehicle. Both guns being far from home and away from the wifes control on the purse-strings wanted trophies, and they got them !! Fantastic ! Both delighted with their stalking of both cull and trophy animals

The post stalk service from 'Jelen Deer Services' needs a mention too; preparation of heads and capes; the storage of trophies before pick-up was without hastle and again clear communication and co-operative approach a great assistance. Also the organising of the final stalk to enable both Dane's to return to the ferry terminal and catch-up on some much needed rest before work on Monday ~ demonstrated good fore thought and planning: it had the added advantage of letting be have a night off from being a taxi and could have a beer (s)!

What remains is to get the now frozen articles over to Denmark safe and sound; weighed and mounted: that will be interesting in its self

So from Finn Lykke & Rasmus Pedersen; to Mike & Dave @ Jelen;

' Tak for en rigtig god jagtoplevelse, ser frem til at mødes igen '