I would like to thank both Mike at Jelen Deer Group and Darren at Viscount Stalking for becoming good friends and a helpful resource whenever needed.

Each time that I have been stalking or out in a high-seat there has always been something great to see, if not a deer then at least an owl, fox or something that is equally enjoyable.

Last night I was lucky enough to get out fairly early and stalked through the Jelen Estate, although keeping my eye out for Fallow, I was fortunate to cull a nice little Roe Buck, making it home for an unusually early night.

This morning session with Darren kicked off at 6am at the Estate Office, where we made our way to a high seat looking down a ride. As soon as light broke a number of Fallow, Muntjac and Roe made their way around the corner with me bagging a lovely cull Fallow from about 30 yards…

If you haven’t stalked with either and are based in the South, then I would highly recommend them both.