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Thread: When to take a master buck?

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    When to take a master buck?

    At what age would people cull a good buck.
    I have a very good Roe which I know is at least 5 years old and is carrying an outstanding six point head which I think could be a silver.
    His male offspring all seem to get passed on his genes with regards to head quality and show nice well conformed six points even as yearlings, though obviously small.
    He is holding a decent territory of a number of small plantations and a mature wood of some size aswell.
    The thing which worries me is a successor to his throne, one of last years was an RTA victim last week, another was shot over the boundary two weeks ago, I shot a good three year old last year because he was blind in one eye and a couple of 2/3 year old who were showing promise have vanished.
    My thought was to take him after the rut this year as he maybe older than I think but I would be interested in members opinions.

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    What to do depends upon what you are trying to do on the ground that you manage. It is good to keep a balanced age structure on the ground, but there will be other bucks around that you will probably never see that will be of the same age. He has passed on his genes for a few years by the sounds of it, so if it was me I would think about removing him before he starts going back, especially if you are looking for a trophy.

    Good luck whatever you decide to do.

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    If he is 5 years old or more it might be his biggest head. If I were you I would take him now and you might see other old bucks during the rut.

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    As the guys have said a lot depends on what you are trying to acheive with your deer management. If it is just for fun and you want good heads. Then let him do his business in the rut for the last time then take him out. He will have fatherd a lot of animals over the last few years and no doubt one of them will take his place if as you say they all grow big heads.

    If it is to protect forestry leave him because he is holding so much land you might get 3 little scroats in to take his place who will all thrash like made to assert their authority.


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    As DD has stated you could get serious damage problems if the stand buck is shot .
    He is a gamekeeper on his own patches and protects his territory against intruders .
    Even when a buck has `gone back` his genetic profile is still the same as previously , only his antler appearance has changed .
    Five years of age is not an old buck but one in his prime .


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    i would take him out i dont have as much knowlege as some of the other members of the forum but i think his is in prime and its time for him to go and the longer he has his teritory the more bucks he will push out to your neigbours and if you do end up with 2 or 3 more bucks in the gap he will produce you will have the choice of 2 or 3 heads to bring on in the future and a bit more venison in the freezer

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