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Thread: hello from coventry

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    hello from coventry

    hi all would just like to say hello


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    It's very nice to say hello but, a proper introduction requires a bit more. Not a lot just enough to give us an idea of what you shoot, hope to shoot etc just to give us a clue.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    He can"t help it as he is from Coventry as I am originally. Says it all.

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    ok sorry
    i shoot pigeons and clay pigeons as much as i can but i do like to get my rifle out as well for fox and rabbits and i have just talked the wife around to let me start deer shooting so i am going to get my self sorted out with all i need lol


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    Welcome to the site
    cov's a big place
    do you shoot local or hav to travel??

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    i live in exhall area and no i dont travel much prob 15mins at most

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    Welcome to the site,
    I was born and bred in Hillfields, there was not much shooting there in the 60,s except along the canal for rats. I hear times have changed and more shots are fired there per week now.

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    yes it has changed a bit but i am lucky as i helped the farmers out with the haybales so they let me shoot a lot of their land. so now all i have to do is start looking for some deer shooting now then lol


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    I am an old cardinal wiseman lad, my sister still lives in Tile Hill North near Sainsburys.

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    I am also from Cov originally Broad Lane went to Woodlands in the sixties.

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