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Thread: That THING, The smell, the feeling??

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    That THING, The smell, the feeling??

    After Bogtrotters wonderful article "The Quickening". (And if you still havent read it , well worth a look! )There have been quite a few posts talking about understanding what he was talking about. But it was described in different ways by different folk.
    Basically it seems as if we all stepped outside at some point in the last month and noticed SOMETHING. Now comes the hard part, descibing it. " A smell in the air", "A feeling " , "An atmosphere" or as Bogtrotter put it "A quickening "
    But what exactly is IT?? It has to be something because we all notice it in our own way.
    This year ,for me, it happened just before the 12august. I took the dogs out for their morning walk and only got about 30 yds up the road when I remember stopping and getting THAT feeling. The morning had a chill about it. I can remember looking up into the sky, sniffing the air a bit and saying to myself. "Thats it , time to go to the Hill". Even after I got back in I turned to my wife and said that the summer was finished and that I had smelt the air of autumn! Dont ask me to descibe the smell or the feeling. I can only say that it is just something inside me and that is the only way to describe it.
    Its always this time of year ,when its time to go to the Hill for stags. And by the looks of most of the posts , that is what seems to be drawing everyone else. Stalking stags in the Rut ..
    The magical feeling of man against beast in his own territory with the added thrill of listening to the orchestra of stags roaring to each other. We get wet, cold , frustated at times and tired, but we always hanker to go back.
    Those that do not "get it" must think there is something strange about us saying that it is in the air. In medievil times we may have been called Soothsayers or even witches and warlocks for descibing the feeling!
    So folks, how do you describe IT or even explain IT ???

    I do not think it ever leaves us but it will become hard when we cannot go to the Hill again.

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    my work parnter says i am half hobbit

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    one of mine says Im a murdering bstard but then asks for a "leg of venison"

    the first chilly morning is when I start to get a stirring.

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    A hint of yellow upon the leaves
    Empty fields for now
    Grain store and larder fit to burst
    Autumn says its first hello

    An intake of breath at start of dawn
    That ‘feeling’ things have changed
    Shorter days and much needed sleep
    For the bucks have ended their chase

    Deep in the woods and down the glen
    A whistle, a groan, its their time again
    Secretive sika squeal their delight
    Dark bold reds prepare to fight

    A swish in the air and a very strange call
    A visiting woodcock arrives to enthral
    Pink footed geese the skies adorn
    The white hart wallows as his harem he calls

    Midges disappear as if by magic
    Their passing not at all tragic
    Now up the hill its time to go
    As Autumn says its first hello

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    That "Feeling", is Mother nature telling you that you will still be around when all those vegan's & tree huggers have withered & blown away!.
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    I think bogtrotters description (THE QUICKENING) is perfect, it describes the feeling you get inside, and that gut thing telling you to get prepared and get out there.
    whatever it is I feel sorry for anybody who has never felt it.
    I wish I was half the hunter my dog thinks I am

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    I have just finished telling a mate on the phone that I got that feeling yesterday morning. I had the dogs out on the stubble fields around our house and the sun was just lifting the frost off the ground. the cool fresh air, the smell of the stubble, no wind, clear blue sky...

    time for picking up on the partridges...

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    For me it's a combination of temperature, time of day and smell.... it's like that smell you get the first time it's rained in a while, but more subtle. There must still be an innate ability within us to recognise the changing of the seasons, even though we don't grow a shaggy coat and an uncontrollable urge.... well not all of us...

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    Shaggy coat and an uncontrollable urge,hmmm,don't we
    In a couple of weeks all the browns and golds will be evident,one of my favourite times of year,reds are roaring with me now...
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    [QUOTE=Wolverine;442340]Shaggy coat and an uncontrollable urge,hmmm,don't we

    is that a description of yourself??
    slowly slowly catch a monkey..

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