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Thread: Dereelight Nightmaster 800

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    Dereelight Nightmaster 800

    Hi, i have for sale a superb Dereelight Nightmaster 800 Cree torch. These are fantastic lights for solo foxing/rabbiting plus many other uses. I bought this one less than a week ago and it was a bit impulsive as i dont go out on my own. It came from Taclight UK and i bought the whole shooting kit plus a spare battery and a remote pressure switch. It comes boxed with everything that came with it and has had 5 minutes use! This lot cost me a couple quid short of 200 and i will sell the lot for 160 posted which is a good saving on what is still a brand new kit. For all the specs look on the Taclight uk website, this thing will produce a beam that you could easily identify and shoot foxes with out to at least 300 yards! and it is so small and light you dont know its on the rifle, no more carrying battery packs and trailing leads etc.
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    i have one of these. absolutely brilliant torch! amazing amount of light.

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    Sold pending payment.

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