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    Maybe of interest no connection to me auction tomorrow at southams

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    Forget them they lost my stuff I had bought and never refunded plus I drove over there and got a gobful from the owner.
    Will not touch them again with a turd stirrer.

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    18% plus VAT on bid price.
    add that to the slice they take off the vendor and thats a tidy margin

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    Buyers Premium at 15% plus VAT (35% on top of the final price)
    you have to make sure you dont get carried away with the bidding,thats a ridiculous fee to charge

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    bidspotter is 20% + 18% + postage costs. if you win something that's say 100, that's you paying around 150 with postage included.


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    i registered and kept an eye on it but the prices were going very high for what looks like the contents of a house break-in

    box of 5-6 MTM case gard ammo boxes went for over !30!

    you could buy them new with postage for that!

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    We've got items in the Holts auction in October - fingers crossed!
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    The 20% vat is payable on the buyers premium, not on the hammer price.

    So 100 hammer price, plus 15% premium (15), plus 20% on the 15 which is 3, so 100 becomes 118.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Becareful at holts some lots have vat on the hammer price as well but not all buyer beware

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