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Thread: Rifles

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    When I've changed my rifles I usually get the same caliber,do any of you do the same or change everything

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    I don't change...just get another one
    When SWMBO asks how many rifles I have the reply is always...."Nearly enough!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by swarovski View Post
    When I've changed my rifles I usually get the same caliber,do any of you do the same or change everything
    Interesting question. I've had 3 260 Rems, first a Ruger, sold it and bought a Mannlicher Pro-Hunter, sold it and bought the Remington in my Gallery. I've had 4 243's, first a Sauer 90, then a Ruger MKII, then a gap, then a Sako 75 and now a Russell Gall 243 AI. Regards JCS

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    I'm never selling another shotgun or firearm, only adding to them,,,in different calibres why, because we live in a free country and because I can

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    You'll need a walk in vault. As long as you explain each rifle PKL I don't see why you can't have anything you want.

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    only one I sold was the ,243 but kept the slot for another......
    would only change the .270 for an another .270

    quite fancy swapping the .17HMR for a .416Rigby though

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    I sold 243 for a different 243. Got 2x.22 but one is a semi. Woul like more but funds stops me.

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    Got rid of the 243 and got the 6.5 and would never go back never never never

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    When I changed my 30-06 ,
    I went for a 30-06, .270 and .25-06
    god knows what I must of been thinking

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    Have to say I can be pretty ruthless when it comes to rifles and shotguns. I will trade and swap without hesitation. Must have owned over thirty over the years.

    I have settled a little now. I need a 5.5mm, a 6.5mm and a 7.62.

    Guarantee I will have another new rifle this day next week....

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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