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Thread: stolen high seatAfter a little bit of

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    stolen high seatAfter a little bit of

    After a little bit of detective work our high seat has been recovered newly painted a lovely shade of green, the thief who stole it uses a toyota pick up and lives in High Valleyfield,Fife. The seat was found in the back yard of a cottage at Bogside,the owner a social worker claimed he did not know the seat was stolen but said he new the thief was "a bit of a rogue but a likeable sort"he does odd jobs about the garden ect,but he would be having a word with said thief,there is only two words I would be saying to him and one would be "off".
    The thief claims he found the seat next to the road albeit 3 hundred yards from the road,the police said that one does not work as he could be charged with theft by finding.And since so called social worker new what he was like I would like to see him charged with handling stolen property.

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    If I were you Id like to meet him face to face n give the ******* a good firm kick in the B*llocks!! N remind him if it goes missing again he'll have another one of them

    Glad to hear you got your highseat back mate

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    This is the major heart ache I have with high seats - when the hell did a high seat become an item that could be sold on by a scally?

    I try and ensure mine are fastened to the tree to the point that they would be damaged by removal. It may not beat the determined and tooled-up thief, but it makes me feel better!

    Rgds Ian

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    Hi rh120,
    I would push the police to have them both. Stuff around here walks as well . People up the hill lost a new Rice horse trailer from their backyard. Towed up passed the house. Appaloosa horse stolen from a field higher up. Local PC as much use as a chocolate fireguard. Not seen her this year.

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    im pleased you found your high seat mate ! this kind of situation makes the argument for having wooden highseats , i know there not so portable as aliminium or steel , and health and safety dont think to much about them but at the end of the day there only any good to another stalker they have no scap value so its worth thinking about !

    cheers lee

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    rh120 good you have tracked down your highseat
    make sure the law deal with them both
    the scum around my area think its their right to steal
    the social worker is as guilty ,give them both barrels

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    I used to live in a village in Essex that had such a thieving scum. Little ******* wouldn't learn and eventually one of the guys in the village gave him a few smacks.

    Problem was that the little **** ran straight to the police - the same police who were completely useless before now dealt with the other guy like it was attempted murder!

    Solution came in the form of a large tin of trade gloss paint. A lovely bright red colour. No need to open or get your hands dirty - placed on the roof of the car and then a screwdriver was rammed in low; near the bottom. Walk away with the screwdriver and the paint slowly poured out to spread across the roof and down the windscreen, etc.
    Unfortunately for him, it was done during the night so was practically dry when he discovered it in the morning.

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    Unfortunately revenge makes us look as bad as the thieving scum is, though it gives great satisfaction.
    We`ve just returned from a few days away at my birth town in Devon, i happened upon the chap who turned my parents house over 20 odd years ago.
    He had tried to sell something that belonged to my parents in a pub, someone phoned my brother who went to that pub.
    My brother smashed the chaps hand with a claw hammer on the pool table, he`s never been able to use his hand properly since.
    That, was justice.

    Glad to hear you got the high seat back.
    Sadly, the law seems to protect the villain these days rather than the victim.

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    Push hard for a prosecution on both of the buggers, don't listen to any stories about why there should not be one. He has been caught red handed and the social worker must have at least dark pink coloured hands. The Police will want to know if you are satisfied with their actions, and if it is anything less than a prosecution don't be. Make a noise, a big noise, until the thieving article and his associates get what is due.

    There is too much of what is viewed as minor crime being dealt with in far too lenient a manner, start off and get the basics right and the rest will fall into place. It's like training a puppy, nearly said child but I'm sure the principles are the same, start as you mean to go on. Stand on the minor crime as well as the other stuff and it will slowly and surely start to come good.

    Of course it may take a while due to the nanny state in which we live, don't let the kids play in the mud they will get dirty, don't call a thief a thief they will victimised, make sure the poor prisoner has a coloured TV - I thought they were inside to suffer- I shall stop now I am on the brink of a rant.


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    Thanks for the suport people,and I will be pressing to get the two of them charged,I like the revenge idea,s but if I got charged end of F.A.C and is it worth stoopig as low as this scum. I will try to find out car reg and post it so if anyone see,s it in there area they will know to whatch them or him.This rat comes from High Valleyfield in West Fife so I recon he could be on the rake anywhere in the Central belt of Scotland.

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