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Thread: grouping problem

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    grouping problem

    I have a sako M591 just cleaned it and checking zero found I could not shoot a good group. Then I packed between barrel and forend with paper and shot arond an inch without too much effort. Anyone had this problem.
    wood stock will i hold zero if i build resin bridge or will i give myself problems? any rifle specialists out there to advise.

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    did you clean the inside of the barrel ? i find that after cleaning the inside of barrel my rifle will not group until a few shots have been put through it. it may not been to everyones liking but its why i never clean the barrel but it sounds to me like you are touching the free floating barrel when shooting or it may even be that the fore-end of the stock has worped over time and is touching the barrel if this is the case then you may neeed to shave a little off it to free it up

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    Yep cleaned it with bore clean first time for ages. and no not touching barrel or stock warped. so much for those who say barrels need cleaning after use every time know better than that my 6.5 clover leaf no problem been using rifle for 40 years.

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    I clean my Steyr Mannlicher .243 thoroughly, after every 20 rounds. I then fire a fouling round and start again. Never had any problems with accuracy.

    I use RWS 100 grain pointed soft points.

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    some people dont i think that you either need to do it often or dont bother would you agree?

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    I dont know the answer i have not cleaned the inside of the barrel for ages untill now. shot a fox at 280yds a month ago and crows at over 100 as well as the odd roe.
    never gave it a thought until I was at a loose end last week and decided to give all my rifles a birthday and clean them
    The sako is the only one to do it to me!! rimfire,hornet 6.5 are all ok.
    The annoying thing is i really like the 243 it gets most trips out as I take it if I am just going for a wander.
    last night I went to look for a cull roe and took the 6.5 and low neck shot a buck at 165yds prone it was on a hill side and ideal cercumstances(not a shot I would condone for a novice).
    I am hoping someone with more tech Knowledge than me can come up with an answer.will try GMK next week see if they suggest anything.

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    i would strip and refit the action, it could be that you have disturbed the bedding as it has been settled for some time by the sounds of things, as it is wood this can change if not sealed, other questions are is the ammo changed, as these are screws it is difficult to use a torque wrench, if have access to one it would be useful to try as changeng the torque on the bedding screws will change the way it works, it could also be you as people do things differently after as you say you don't clean them that often, you now have doubt about it, go shoot some more and think the rifle is right and not different because you have cleaned it.
    i would not add anything if you want something added then get a competent gunsmith to bed the rifle, unless you can do it yourself


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    Thanks steve I will take action from stock and refit now and take it to range this PM and try again if it stops raining! it may need bedding as it was not done when new.bedding is I think a good idia for anyone it improved my 6.5 tikka no end made it nicer to shoot and more accurate.

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