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    What model AYA

    Been looking for a reasonable AYA no4 as a knock about shotgun, thought I found one in my local gun shop, it looks like a no4 with a Prince of Wales grip but underneath the action on a no4 one of the lumps protrudes flush with the action but on this gun it does not, anyone know what model this may be and should I leave well alone as parts may not be available for it.

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    It could be a Yeoman (an ejector version was made for a while), although the name should be stamped on the barrels. I looked at an AYA boxlock a few years ago that wasn't like any model I'd previously seen, and was told by the dealer that AYA contracted its gunmaking out to another firm for a while due to its workforce being on strike.

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    If it isn't an ejector it isn't a #4. So many of the aya's on guntrader listed as #4 non ejector are in fact #3 models mis advertised. Ejectors are worth considerably more than non ejectors, but all are good solid work horses, parts shouldn't be a realy concern.

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    As said there are various AYA models. The ejectors being pretty much the commonplace No4 or the very rare Yeoman Ejector. The No3 was always, I think, just a extractor type BLNE. Then there is the expensive 4/53 that is a No4 in a deluxe version with scalloped back to the action. Also some 12 bore 3" Magnum guns that were ejector AND non-ejector.

    What is the quoted price? Guntrader has a slew of No4 AYAs and, to be honest, side-by-side boxlock ejectors are pretty much HARD to sell at any price near to what they either are worth in cost of a new one or made even ten years ago.

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