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Thread: accredited witness wanted for part 2

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    accredited witness wanted for part 2

    Trying to organise an accredited witness for myself and head stalker to go through part 2 . We 've both been stalking since ages of 14yrs and 9yrs respectively, but for the last few years we always seem to be too busy stalking to find time to go out with witnesses.
    So i have come up with this possible solution.

    Is there is any accredited witnesses on the forum who could give the time to come out with us on our ground in a slot just pre christmas or mid january at hinds, and put us through our paces .We could provide accom in an estate holiday cottage for witness + spouse /girl friend or mates,(preferably not all together!) some sport and some interesting ground(vertical tundra) to stalk over. If this sounds of interest get in touch and we could discuss details / timing ect.

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    you have a deal if you want one
    you have a pm

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stand Buck
    you have a deal if you want one
    you have a pm
    Sounds like the start of a cunning plan to me!
    I know a couple of people with the same surname that might be up for that too!

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    I come up to bonnie land at least twice every hind season near Aberfeldy can do AW stalks if you need another AW

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