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Thread: Nite Site NS 200 ??

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    Nite Site NS 200 ??

    Hi all.

    Have done a search, NO MATCHES FOUND !!

    Has anyone used or even seen through the Nite Site NS 200.

    Have seen quite a few articles in magazines on them and they seem really good, especially for the money.

    But i dont always trust magazines,

    So foxing to 200 yds ???

    Anyone got any views??



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    at 200 your pushing it .at best your shooting at eyes ,160 -180 max but i have got one and love it.worth every penny.if you look on you tube i and a few others have done reviews.the fact you can put it on different rifles in 40 seconds without ever having to re zero is a propper bonus.lethal on bunnys.

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    Cheers Fellas.

    My wording must have been wrong, search came up with Zilch.

    I will need to put it on a Zeiss Duralyte or a Swarovski Z6, any ideas if that will work.??


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    they prefer scopes without over coated lenses mine was pants on a leupold but works great on a nightforce.typ ns 200 in you tube and scroll through theres lots.

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