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Thread: ridgeline after sales

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    ridgeline after sales

    i would like to tell everyone my experiance with ridgeline. i bought a smock from scott country in castle douglas 18 m0nths ago, from day one i was getting wet in heavy rain ,i bought this smock because of a field test report from sporting gun. so i was a bit p--ss-d off but ther you go . last sunday i was in the midland game fair and seen a ridgeline stand so told him this story he told me to send it in and he would investigate . i have it with me i said and fetched it from the car. to cut a long story short i left the stall with a brand new smock . fantastic thankyou that man my mate so impressed with his attitude he bought one off him that day

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    Bugger, have only had mine since June, I get soaked every time i wear it.
    And I had it with me at the Midland


    EDIT: But this thread has just prompted me to contact the seller, lets see what they want to do about it.
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