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    lapua Naturalis

    Just wondering if anyone has given these a try the 170 gr in 308 win . If so have you used them on deer? and how did they perform? I realise they are expensive but more and more of the manufacturers seem to be offering the all copper option.

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    I used the 180 grain version in my .30-06 two weeks ago. At 21 yards (where it entered the neck of a 120 pound (dressed weight) whitetail deer), it cut through the spinal cord, jellied the far side lung, passed through the ribs and lodged in the hide. The amount of unusable meat was well under a pound. The bloodied area under the hide where the bullet lodged was just smaller than the size of my hand with the fingers curled at the second knuckles. Note the weight when recovered and cleaned up:

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    The bullet was in a factory load from Remington that is no longer sold, called Premier Green. The point of impact is identical in my rifle with Remington Core-Lokt 180 grain loads, which I use for practice. I buy every box of the Premier Green load that I can find. Eventually I suppose I'll have to start loading the Naturalis; I sure can't afford the factory loads from Lapua!
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