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Thread: rcbs charge master 1500

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    rcbs charge master 1500

    i have a set of rcbs charge master 1500 scales (without the dispenser on-top) and i have noticed that when i'm using them the zero mark keeps creeping down and i keep having to re-zero them after about 4 or 5 messures does anyone have this same problem and more inportantly does anyone know how to remidy it

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    Do you mean that the "0" indication shows as "- .01" or somesuch?

    If so, I would let the unit warm up for at least 30 minutes and then be very sure that there are no draughts.

    Mine is spot-on for hours on end - in fact I have to remind myself to recalibrate after 20 rounds or so.

    Hope this helps,


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    yep youve got it i will try and let it sit and see what that does but i know they are supposed to be good scales so i will persaver with them thanks

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    It's also worth checking your power supply for anomalies

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