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Thread: The Queen's Landy

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    The Queen's Landy

    While walking through the car park at the Midland Game Fair the other week, I clocked an impressive looking lwb land rover (it was the leather cover over the substantial looking winch attached to the front bumper that caught my eye!). Looking more closely, it was marked up as 'Royal Parks', so I assume it had come up from Bushy/Windsor etc. What really impressed me though, along with the hella roof mounted lamp, was what appeared to be a 'gun turret' (for want of a better description) which appeared to allow a rifle to stand up in the back of the truck and shoot over the lamp. I take it this set up is used as part of culling operations in the royal parks.

    My main queries are, has anyone ever used on of these, do they do a swb version and, most importantly, do they ever come up on public sale (in the way that FC vehicles do)? It would be just the ticket for a bit of fox lamping methinks!


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    I'm afraid no image has come up?


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    Try these people !!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Farmer won't be too pleased about you dropping engine oil all over his crops
    "It's halfway down the hill, directly below that tree next to a rock that looks like a bell-end"

    Good deals with ~ deako ~ sakowsm ~ dryan ~ 2734neil ~ mo ~ riggers ~ mmbeatle ~ seanct ~ an du ru fox

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    Quote Originally Posted by novice View Post

    I'm afraid no image has come up?


    Try here

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    Its good to see even the Royals use coat hangers for an aerial!!!

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    I drive an ex royal parks landy for work, although mine is in standard form and doesnt have a winch bumper extra lights etc etc, the only thing i will say about it is the engine is far better than any other td5 i have driven, it goes like the clappers, and anything over 340miles from 100's worth of diesel is an acheivement.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charlieh View Post
    anything over 340miles from 100's worth of diesel is an acheivement.
    You have just convinced me that a quad and trailer is a better choice than a Defender 90, however much I want one
    My last fill of diesel was at 348 miles, cost me 30


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    my 130 defender 330tdi (yes i have the misfortune of having a works and my own defender) will do about 420 on a tankful so a fair bit more than the td5 but i think the royal parks one has been fiddled about with under the bonnet. Strange thing is I dont even really like landies, but there comes a point where they are the only vehicle that will do the job if your doing serious off road work such as forestry in remote areas.

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