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Thread: Planning a hunting trip to South Africa?

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    Planning a hunting trip to South Africa?

    I regularly travel to the Eastern Cape of South Africa once or twice a year to do a plains game management hunt.

    Having been several times Iím happy to pass on to members the things I've learnt over the years about visiting South Africa and how to plan a hassle free trip, particularly for people thinking about their first safari hunt and also those wishing to take their own rifle who may be a bit daunted by UK and South African firearms handling procedures/documentation.

    The outfitter I regularly visit is Thorndale Safaris which is a luxury 5 star lodge located within its own hunting grounds just under an hourís drive from Port Elizabeth at the Southern tip of Africa.

    Whether youíre a first time/experienced hunter going solo or a group wanting to hunt and travel around youíll find the Thorndale guys really friendly, flexible and accommodating.
    An all inclusive 7 day/6 night/6 animal management hunt package costs less than £1900 which is one of the reasons why I keep going back.

    Be happy to provide more information.

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    sounds good wont be able to go till 2016 for my 30th though

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    It'll be well worth the wait!

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    Hi Bobbroom
    Could you tell me what holiday/Medical insurance you use when in south Africa , it all seems to be geared for the Americans. I am waiting for a price from an outfitter for next June / July for myself and wife on an 8 day cull hunt plus one trophy but I will email Thorndale to get a price.
    Thanks Alex

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