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Thread: Best scope for foxing

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    Best scope for foxing

    I have a Swaro Z6 and not impressed with it on the lamp for shooting foxes.

    Any suggestions on a suitable replacement?

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    S&B 8x56 worked well for the two I shot last night.....have them on all three of my rifles....308(8x56),.223(8x56),.22lr(6x42)......

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    3x12x56 doctor scope you can see in the dark without the lamp they rely are that good

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    Bushnell Elite 6500 with a PVS 14 on the back...Works a treat for me

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    I'm using a Nightforce NSX with a Dereelight mounted on it, absolute amazing clarity.
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    bender 8x56 point an shoot job done

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    Swaro Z3 4-12 x50, stays on 12, (Just noticed assembled in the USA!).
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    My suggestion would be to throw the lamp away and fit a PVS-14 (NV add-on) onto the end of your Z6. I use this combo when I'm doing a 'daylight into darkness' shoot on both my .308 and my .204R and it's excellent!

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    Longbow for me!! day/night lamp/NV

    For the guys with PVSs do you need parallax adjustment on the scope to focus it?

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    I have a Bushnell Elite which is good but a friend of mine has a Zeiss Victory 6-24x56 that is in a league of its own. The clarity is fantastic and with the illuminated reticle is the perfect scope in my opinon.

    I just need to find a couple of grand spare to buy one.

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