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Thread: Fibreglass Quad Sticks that fit in your gun case

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    Fibreglass Quad Sticks that fit in your gun case

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    Like most of us Iíve used quad sticks made from wooden dowelling and B&Q plastic coated bean poles which were inexpensive and to be fair worked well. In fact, they worked so well that I wanted to take them hunting in Africa but couldnít fit them in my gun case.

    So I decided to make them out of fibreglass rod.

    Apart from being a more durable material which returns to shape when bent, its strength/weight ratio means that relatively thin sections can be used.
    Itís also ideal for applying a paint finish such as drab olive.

    But most importantly, Iíve found that using fibreglass rod provides for a simple and reliable method of breaking down to fit in a gun case and re-assembling when you arrive at your hunt.

    Iíve made and sold over 50 sets to date and a standard set measures approximately 1750mm long when assembled and 925mm broken down but they can be shorter made to suit.
    They cost £84 each including paint finish plus carriage.

    Alternatively, if you like the idea of fibreglass quad sticks but donít need the breakdown facility then they cost £59 each plus carriage.

    Iím in South Lincolnshire and very happy to pass on what Iíve learnt about deploying quad sticks and demonstrate the breakdown and assembling for anyone who wishes to call and collect.

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    Nice looking sticks bob would be interested in a set of quad sticks when I lose
    or break my existing ones

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    A brilliant idea!, however, I would need to make sure they were cleaned before putting them back in, muck off them could play havoc with the scope / action. Professional looking photo's too!
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    these look excellent, will PM you, thx MC

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