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Thread: Waste Disposal part 2

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    Waste Disposal part 2

    Well after getting an account set up with a company for the disposal of any waste after skinning,butchering etc, the environmental health did'nt even ask about that aspect of things. We registered as a food business they came out to see me, what i thought would be a hour meeting turned into six hours.
    The most important thing they seemed to be interested in was a HACCP plan, which apparently we have to have. A five day course, time off for me unpaid plus 400-600 for the course.
    It appears there is one set of rules across the board even for the likes of us selling a few quids worth of venison, even if you only sell to a game dealer the rules apply.
    My advise for any one in a similar situation who is trying to do it 'by the book', is think twice.
    Unfortunatly theres no going back for me as we have put the paperwork into motion.

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    Where about are you? I am based in East Lothian and was told I could put waste out in my normal rubbish (in plastic bags obviously) as long as I am only selling a few deer at a time.

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    i presume you hav looked into incinerators
    as you could send all the crap in with a deal on bulk loads with a local incineration unit that deals in fallen stock, or look into setting up one of your own, not a big unit but one that will cope with a sheep,
    you might even offer out your servivces and get a little money back to pay the diesel bill

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    Hi Stone. Looked in to an incinerator to leave on one of the farms but in all honesty at 25 to empty a bin which we can get the skins/carcuss remains etc of 10 to 15 deer in, I don't think its worth the investment at the moment.
    The main problem is this haccp plan, which outweighs the cost of any venison sold at the moment, and to make it pay would involve a big turnover.
    Its unfortunate that all the information I had at hand, before sending off the registration form, did'nt give me the full picture.

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    Why do you need to go on a course to write a HACCP plan?

    I'm pretty sure you can get a suitable guide from HMSO, or use Google...

    When I made enquiries about registering so I could sell the odd carcass, the chap from the local Council told me not to worry about a formal HACCP plan at all..

    All he wanted to see was a few a brief summary of how I intended to run things, including cleaning scheduals and provision for waste disposal...He was far more concerned about my proposed plans for a make shift larder and in the end some of the practical things he wanted meant it simply wan't cost effective..



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    Pete. This sounds like a typical case of how different individuals read the rules.
    The person I dealt with from the council was quite adamant about doing a course, as I don't run this as a business, it is purely a hobby/pastime that is expanding, I could'nt argue a case against doing a course.
    Having said that with the info you have given me, i'll look a lot further into the matter to try and avoid the course / paperwork.
    I take it HMSO stands for 'Her Majesty's Stationary Office', if so I'll look for a book as suggested. Thank you.

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    Correct about the HMSO...

    When I did my Wild Meat Handling Course for the Trained Hunter requirement, HACCP was mentioned and it was explained what was involved, but I don't recall any mention of a further course being required..

    I did a bit of googling that came up with :

    The first link in particular will point you in the right direction...It might be advisable to print this off and show it to the council chappy, along with your plan when he visits next.....I simply can't see anything that requires you to do a course providing you write a suitable plan that covers the various eventualities.



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    i agree as going rate bulk load is about 6.50 a carcass
    but that might differ on size of carcass and which area????
    but certainly interested in this HACCP plan as i was never told about this
    might need to look more into this before i go to my local council now
    cheers for those links
    mighty useful

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    Had a copy of the first link to hand during the meeting, even so it was still mentioned that a course was needed.
    Like you say I'll write a suitable plan and stand my corner,if that doesn't work another possibility could be to employ somebody to do a plan i.e a consultant. Would still be alot cheaper than doing a course.
    Thanks for the help.
    Regards Maxwell

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    Hi Maxwell,
    Try this link as it gives you the relevant document numbers which you can follow up. We had just as much trouble years ago with a jobsworth when one of my deer farmers set up a larder/cutting room until I said to him Right we will go to Mr ****** as he is the person in charge of the MHS in the Midlands I can ring him at home he was in my class at University and he will give us the definitive ruling. What was impossible became possible. I spoke to him about 3 years ago and they were still not certain of what to do with venison retailing on a small scale. It may have changed but not that much
    pm me if you wish to discuss

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