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Thread: 220 swift

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    220 swift

    Hi there,

    i've got the chance of a 220swift, anybody using one for foxing and small deer, what are your thoughts on the caliber. What loads are you using?
    Any info would be appreciated.

    Regards Robbo

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    Absolutely THE best .22 cal you can get, bar none, bloody fantastic round.

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    Dont be misled mate its the .220 King...yeah yeah the .204 brigade will tell you 'this and that' but the .220 King rules!
    Cant tell you the load but I have been running 55 gr Noslers a bloke loads up for me at some sort of time warp speed.
    "you nae be needing these no more"
    I said as I slipped the knife through the cord

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    Years ago, before the d**kheads at a certain deer welfare organisation got them, and the 6.5mm MS, banned they were used by some for stalking. You'll read of it in old early 1960's "Guns Review" magazines and were in fact one of calibres used by David Lloyd I believe.

    But like everything you need a SUITABLE bullet (for that type of quarry) WELL PLACED.

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    i use mine for fox and muntjac, fantastic little round, great knock down power,

    you wont regret buying one

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    The chap who introduced me to this shooting lark has always used one for the Charlie's.
    i have only even known him miss a handful in hundreds and has taken them at some incredible distances.
    When it strikes it kills where ever hit,
    He loads his own and has them running at over 4000fps, I'll find out the load if you are interested.
    Very flat and fast but it does make abit of a bang!!!

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    Thanks lads keep the info coming

    regards Pete

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    W.D.M. Bell used one for stalking when he came back from Africa and bought his nice little estate up in Scotland. He was not popular with his neighbours because the estate was between two huge deer forests and he used to intercept the stags crossing his land. He also used it for shooting flying cormorants!

    I have a friend who uses one and he loves it, no Welsh fox is safe.


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    Quote Originally Posted by JeffreyL View Post
    Absolutely THE best .22 cal you can get, bar none, bloody fantastic round.

    My mate would agree with the above, he uses his on a daily basis being a game keeper and wouldn't be without it!!!

    Alba gu brąth

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    What have you been offered and what action is it?

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