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Thread: getting paid for a car with paypal

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    getting paid for a car with paypal

    i am selling my daughters 08 fiesta diesel and have been made an offer but the petroleum engineer with limited internet access wants to pay thru paypal, are there any pitfalls about taking payment this way for a car ? its a fair bit of money to lose if it goes tits up and the guy sounds a bit suss if u ask me
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    Surely petroleum engineers are very respectable, honest people. Sounds kosher to me.

    I bet he's very busy too, and needs to send someone to pick up the car for him? Petroleum engineers are very busy.

    In case my sarcasm doesn't translate, NO! Don't do it! It's quite a common con.

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    dont do it

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    Quote Originally Posted by see it shoot it View Post
    dont do it

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    Cash speaks more!!! And rarely bites you!!!

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    Its a spam response I'm afraid, I got several, when selling cars, do not respond at all!!!

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    They do actually pay you though, they pay the money, pick up the car, then tell PayPal that the car was rubbish, PayPal refunds them and they have your car and their money in eastern Europe somewhere.

    I thought about selling my 3000 truck for 15000 and racing them to the money! I don't think I'd win though!

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    there are pitfalls to anything
    so long as you know them you will be fine
    1) they pay the fees...always. 4% minimum plus whatever withdrawal fee for speedy bank transfer into your account
    2) nothing is released until funds have been withdrawn from Paypal and have cleared your bank account.

    check his payal details with paypal
    length of time registered
    authorised and updated bank details and address

    not ideal and I would always request bank transfer first and foremost but he may be paying through a credit card and Paypal makes this easy

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    PayPal can still take the money back out of your account once it's cleared. That's why this con works. People think that PayPal is about safe transactions, it's not, it's about protecting the buyer, the seller has very little protection.

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