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    hi everyone im bigbird0811 now sitting my dsc1 after three years of deerstalking in cornwall

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    hello big bird welcome aboard this good site to join lots helpfull people on here i see you are also from cornwall hope you are a tea drinker what caliber flask do you carry stalking
    do you know joe vilks from gwinear i have ferrreted with him and micheal chinn once or twice good lord that mike chinn can turn some heads any way enjoy the site

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    lol thats funny d foxxer i believe i have met joe vilks and micheal chinn and i think i have seen you with them are you the one with the winning smile

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    yes mate that me big big smile like dick emery an a big flask sticking out my rucksack lots of people comment on my incredible smile lol

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    A big high 6 to all the Cornish people
    Better barbarity than boredom

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    big six back to you hereford worked up there years ago nice countryside an nice people was up there felling trees in trumpet digs in hereford had a good time

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    Welcome to thew site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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