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Thread: Lithium Convert

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    Lithium Convert

    Took the plunge and bought a lithium battery pack from the Midland last Saturday, as my old Deben battey pack was failing to hold a charge. After two outing this week, I can find nothing but praise for it! A 14a/hr pack that fits in your coat pocket, and runs for 3 hrs without going downhill, is far better than its predecessor ever was! 160 is not cheap, but hope it'll last for a few years. Only mod it needed was to ditch the fag lighter socket, and replace with the electric lawn-mower type.

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    I have had one for 3 years it has seen a lot of use, still going strong, the lead that pushes into the battery is the only part i don't like, best to get a spare one of them as they break through time.

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    Been using one for a year now, and it`s the best thing since sliced breed.

    I have also went the lawnmower plug route, It`s a must do modification really

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    Are you using the right angled bullet adapter it makes a big differance compared to the old connecter
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    I put a bullet type connector on my lamp, only one connection to rely on rather than three


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    hello. could someone tell me the advanage of the lawnmower plug please. i have just ordered one of these and would modify mine if it was to save it failing in the field,

    thanks Tom

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    They cant pull apart and make a far better connection

    You want a Masterplug rewirable pulg and socket,, B and Q 5 bucks

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    its not a "i told you so post" but...

    anyone reading this, dont be put off by buying cheap Lithiums on eBay. Especially if you are running LED lights
    I have a 14mAh plus charger for 25 from China, I use it 3 times a week.
    Even used it as a camp light once and it ran for a good 6+ hours continously on full power

    cant comment what the draw is like with a 100w filament bulb but LED are brighter and cheaper now anyway

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    I will be buying one shortly,am fed up with lugging around the twin 12v 7amp pack about never mind they don't last without be careful how much it's on,also the life span of it is short

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