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Thread: Wash in insect repellent

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    Wash in insect repellent

    Can you get in the UK a wash in insect repellent that I can treat my stalking gear with. Ticks seem to like me and unfortunately I don't like the little b......ds. They gave me Lymes two years ago, thought I had finally got over. Was up in the Northwest two weeks ago, picked up six ticks, flew like symptoms and back on another course of antibiotics. And I had sprayed myself with insect repellent before I went out.

    The alternative is to not go up into the hills

    This stuff looks the business but can you get it here Permethrin P-40 Insect Repellent Clothing Treatment

    Many thanks

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    Just found it on the net check out may be what you are looking for, There is other info from the states if you google Permethrin P-40.

    Hope this helps

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    That should be

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    Hi Bud, Permethrin is a common insecticide found in a lot of sprays and washes you could use something called Tri-zone fly repellent that really knocks all bugs for ten but must not come into contact with skin I found a use for this when trying to keep Horse flies off me when around the stables.

    I Hope what ever you try works as it sounds like you have had a rough time of it already!



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    Tetramethrin, cypermethrin and Alphacypermethrin are all insecticides with permethrin in them, beware of any oil base or carriers as they can damage kit, water based is best. It's also no recommended to get it on your skin!

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    I looked at this a while ago the only place I could find permethrin soak was a website called the travel Doc, it's an Australian website. After a few emails back and forward they agreed to post the permethrin but at my risk and cost. From what I remember it wasn't expensive but I never got round to ordering any. Hope that helps.
    S. L.

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