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Thread: Tikka or CZ

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    Tikka or CZ

    Got available some rifle at the old prices

    Tikka T3 Hunter - 590
    CZ 550 - 490

    Thinking of going for the Tikka although would be able to get a scope sooner If I got the CZ

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    Nothing wrong with the CZ-I've found them to be a pretty reliable and accurate rifle, but the Tikka is a bit more refined-much smoother bolt and a bit more pleasing on the eye.

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    cz for me im affraid they do a pre-set trigger which you push forward to set and i have never found a trigger to match it they are good solid rifles and it will give you the extra money to put towards your scope i have owned 3 cz rifles and none of them have ever given me a once of trouble

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    I have a T3 Hunter in .243 and a CZ550 American in .308, to be honest, the CZ is a better looking rifle, it may be that I just got one with a nice piece of wood. I agree with Sir-lamp-alot the trigger is really good out of the box, better than the Tikka, however, I think the T3 shoots a bit better, especially with a T8 on the end, CZ doesn't seem to like it. One negative with the T3 is the plastic magazine, can't stand it and the plastic bit on the end of the bolt yuk! Which ever one you choose I don't think you will go far wrong with either, this doesn't help you make up your mind though

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    if you dont go for the T 3 you will kick yourself every time you put your hand into the safe.
    i have one in 243 and you would think its laser guided

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    suggest you put then side by side on a table look at the workmanship work the bolt etc most rifles can shoot better than you its up to you which feels best you have to carry it miles have total faith in it and spending an extra 100 is nothing when you consider you my have it for years.Years ago when i first started if I had taken the long term view I would have saved loads of money. its hard to resist cheaper options but you my live to regret it.

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    Out of the two, CZ. Too much plastic in a T3 for my liking and they shoot side by side. However, you can add 75 to the CZ price for a new trigger, because IMHO the factory set trigger they come with is a piece if junk. A timney replacement will make it into a different rifle.....

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    How much is the Timney trigger ? n how hard is it to fit ?
    btw do you know where I can get one in the UK ?
    Im thinking of going n checking them both out together to see what there like. Really undecided on which to get lol! Although I do like the Tikka's

    Think its going to be a tough choice

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    Tikka all day long ,just my opinion

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    I got a single stage Timney, adjustable from about 3lbs to 6oz and very crisp. 6oz is too light for field use but mine is set at about a pound. cost 75 from Midway UK. shipped direct from the states in 6 days. Check their website to see if they have them in. I spent several years not really liking the rifle but changed that and quite happy to keep it now until I can afford a custom build.

    Fitting requires a big screwdriver to get the main bedding screws out, a small screw driver and a small drift / smaller screw driver. The trigger is only held in by a pin and a screw but you have to take the safety off to fit it which is held in by another pin. takes about 10 minutes and 2 hours peeing about to set it up just how you want it! You will probably need the model without safety as it uses the existing one.

    Good idea to find somewhere you can get the pair of them in your hands at the same time. Have fun on your shopping trip.....

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