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Thread: .22LR Bolt Action or Semi-Auto?

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    .22LR Bolt Action or Semi-Auto?

    I'm thinking about getting a .22 for rabbit shooting. I had an old BRNO which was a good tool, but stupidly sold it a few years ago. I'd ideally like to get a s/h Anschutz or Weihrauch, but have seen a few Anschutz semi-auto's for sale at a lot less than their bolt actions; how do they compare in accuracy, reliability etc? Then again, I could just stick with what I know and get another BRNO/CZ.

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    Having a some of each I would have to say I have never found a truly accurate semi-auto 22, Anschutz or CZ bolt action would be my choice.

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    I used to have a Remington 597 s/a .22, when I had got past the thrill of firing off a lot of quick shots and decided that accuracy and reliability was more important I traded it in for a cz 452 , IMO a far more useful gun. atb Tim

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    Bolt action every time - more accurate, you'll be less likely to fire off loads of rounds, easier to clean, less likely to jam, and quieter.


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    blot action is more accurate, the semi more fun

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    I had a rimfire magic .22 semi auto that was as accurate as my Cz bolt action - it did jam sometimes with subsonics though.

    Semi auto's are fun, and better than bolt actions if u have hundreds of bunnys that will sit at 40 yds or less. If however you want a long range accurate reliable rifle then a Cz 452 or 455 (bolt action) would be my choice.

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    Bolt action,, no doubt about it


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    i had a cz very accurate, now have a ruger 10/22 with volquartson trigger and volquartson carbon barrel, had its just as accurate as cz,
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    As I understand it (correct me otherwise) but the anschutz semi is not made by anschutz and is just badged up? - friend had one that fell into in 2 pieces one day whilst shooting, stock in one hand and rest in the other....?!. Have a browning buckmark semi auto, extremely short, extremely light and puts eley subsonics through the same hole time after time. Needs keeping clean as does any semi auto, but a superb rabbitting tool (and its fun) .

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