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Thread: Good neighbours....

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    Good neighbours....

    Well, as is so often the case, we jump to conclusions about the people who stalk on our boundaries, its easy I guess, when we all skulk about trying to be discrete, it can make the best of us suspicious! I recently posted about my suspicions of someone using my highseats without permission, and made reference to the people stalking on neighbouring ground.
    This morning whilst sat in my high seat, a group of 3 people in head to toe cammo walked (on their side of the boundary) passed near where I was sat. It instantly raised my suspicions as there aren't supposed to be that many people who stalk there and I was slightly intrigued.
    When I left my ground I came across said group of poeple parked in a layby on my ground, so I stopped for a friendly chat. I was pleasantly suprised to find it was a belgian chap who I had met before and who I know comes over regularly and has done for years, and he was out with two friends, no rifle, just camera, enjoying the start of the rut. We had a great chat, seemed like a really nice guy, good ethos to stalking and managing deer, and by the end of the conversation, we had suggested all going out for a beer some time, and exchanged offers to help extract the bigger stags which can be hard on your own....
    My fears of people crossing boundaries were also laid to rest as, I also offered him to come stalking with me at some point on my ground, to which the response was along the lines of 'really appreciate it, but, we really do have plenty to be doing of our own, so don't worry too much....'.
    I'm really glad to know who is stalking next door, and I'm glad they know who I am too, I'm the first to admit to being very defensive and protective of my patch, but it just goes to show, a lot of folk out there are like minded people.
    PS, seen some beautiful stags this morning, both in the flesh and some they had taken pictures of, what a beautiful start to the day!

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    What a good and interesting post! It goes go to show that not every stalker that you see near to your permission is poaching who should be viewed with suspicion!
    Surely what Deerstalker308 has done is the best way to forge long lasting and good relationships with other stalkers!
    Well done on the way you handled the situation!

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    I'm just glad it tunred out this way, its just one less thing to stress about knowing you don't have pressures from over the fence, and its also quite probably a new stalking buddy as well, winners all round!

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