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Thread: Nordik Mini Predator

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    Nordik Mini Predator

    Just wondered if anyone on here had used one of these for calling in fox and also how succesfull it was compared to other calls.

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    I use this call a lot and its been very successful! Also I use the Nordik Predator Crying Bird as well which is my favorite. They have videos on youtube of them using all the game calls so check them out.


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    They are cracking bits of kit but in truth Iíve yet to find an open reed call that cannot be made to produce a wide and convincing range of distress sounds. As with most things it comes down to practice and experimentation.

    For me the most exciting thing to come from Nordik Predator is their new ďFox HeatĒ call that if it delivers anything near to what the name suggests should bring a smile to the face of many a winter varmint hunter if not the Toby who responds to it! A lot more practice will be required though as Iím someway from sounding like the vixens in this neck of the woods on a January evening.

    Click image for larger version. 

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