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Thread: Hi all...

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    Hi all...

    Hi All

    Firstly great to see such a wealth of information for a novice to European shooting.

    From rural Australia originally and grew up shooting rabbits, foxes, kangaroosand boar with a .22 magnum before graduating to larger calibres .243, .308 and30/30. And yes you can shoot boar with a .22, you just need to get real lucky....

    Moved to London years ago and have recently got into shooting in the UK havesome experience in stalking red deer after a few outings - have an 11 pointerto date and looking to get the "royal" in time. Interested in boarhunting in europe as a continuation of a life long passion.

    Why the nicname Razorback? (Google it...great opening sequence on Youtube and cant yet post links) - Perhapsbecause it is the greatest feral pig documentary/Horror movie cross over ever!Possibly the only feral pig documentary/Horror movie cross over ever asyou cant improve on perfection and I assume all other attempts were left at thedrawing board??


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    thanks filzee - already learning a lot from posts on here

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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