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    hide back from US

    I am making a trip to the USA in Nov and hope to get a coyote. If succesful I would like to get the mask back here for taxidermy. Anyone know the score? cost? etc

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    Id get it done over there and get it sent back it will have probabaly perished by the time you get it home. I wish Id had some of my Canadian coyotes tanned and mounted, may just have to take a trip back over there to see the family and do some hunting as well so I can have one on the wall.
    Best of luck with nailing one, calling yote's is great fun and hearing them calling really gets the hair standing up on the back of your neck.


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    Get it done out there, its way cheaper... I am waiting for my coyote pelt to come back, it only cost $75 to get it tanned....

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