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Thread: Lee Dies what are they?

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    Lee Dies what are they?

    I have acquired some lee dies with a rifle and are not sure what they are,

    G5 - is this a neck or full length sizer?
    D5 - no idea what this does?

    Thanks for you help


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    A picture would be most helpful.

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    There will almost certainly be the calibre on them somewhere, all mine have.

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    sorry for any confusion, they are .243 its what they do I am not sure of, the full details stamped on them are


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    If they came together, I'm guessing that one is a sizer (has a pin protruding from one end?) and the other a seater.~Muir

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    I have lee collect dies

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    The G5 is a sizer but I want to know if its neck or full? I also have the seater which is C6.

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    Interesting, and slightly on a tangent. I was just cruising the Lee site and noticed you can order the die parts individually. Hmmm...for $13 for a Sizer Die body, one could inexpensively build up a nice set of body dies for forming...

    Unfortunately (and more on topic) I could not find a reference to the stamping on the OP's dies. Older dies, with an older part number perhaps...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nomis View Post
    The G5 is a sizer but I want to know if its neck or full? I also have the seater which is C6.
    The only neck sizer Lee makes is the collet die. ~Muir

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    if that's the case then I must have a full length sizer.
    Many thanks, Simon.

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