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Thread: New Member and his first Roe buck

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    New Member and his first Roe buck

    Hi every one just stumbled across this website here is a bit about me:

    a year ago i went to africa....i had been shooting rabbit with my air arms s310, and whilst over there the surf went flat so I decided to go hunting and ended up shooting a lovely little trophy by African standards but its a trophy to me, i had the skin tanned and sent over as a memento and promised my self i would continue hunting when i got back to cornwall...after a long slog i found some one that was wiling to teach me to stalk, its about nine months since then, i have been stalking here and there but life was throwing things at me out of my control (redundancy/break ups/moving house etc) the stalking wasnt going well either, i wouldnt see deer, then someone would go in the evening and shoot 2 in the same spot i had stood that morning, then i would see them and they would be out of season, then i would see them and they would be "travelling" and we couldnt get them to stop etc etc etc. I had told my surf buddy i was going to give up stalking and put the money i am saving for a rifle towards a jet ski, as it just wasnt happening for me. So i said i would go one last time even though i have been ill with a throat infection, i got up at 3.45am realised i was to ill to stalk so i grabbed my phone and was going top make the call - then i thought i may as well go as it could be the last time i ever go.....and i shot my first roe buck!

    Bring on that 6.5 x 55 i wanted!

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    Hello Mate. (your names a bit long for me to write) Welcome to the site and congratulations on shooting your first Roe buck. I am like you new to stalking and a lot to learn. The good news is that you have come to the right place here on this site. Lots of experienced people who are more than willing to help. Don't be afraid to ask questions or even answer.
    Nice part of the country Cornwall.

    Take Care


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