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Thread: Nomad jacket - worth the money?

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    Nomad jacket - worth the money?

    I've just seen a Gameshooter jacket at the game fair, in the darker Highland colour and it looked great, but it's £420.

    Do they last that long? Are they THAT good?

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    If it's the fleece one, they are very warm and waterproof but the downside is that
    If in prolonged rain the water seems to gather on the cuffs and hem.
    Also heavy when wet. This is my personal experience of a Nomad smock I had.
    Also after 3 years the waterproof tape came away from the seems in places and it leaked !

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    Hiya mate

    I had a fleece from nomad bout 10 -12 years ago, used it for terrierwork and still use it now, however zip went and new one lets in. I bought a quadrider 2 year ago -excellent and waterproof in West Cumbria (that is waterproof). Not sure I would pay extra for the tweed look stuff, but it does look nice

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    Hi there
    have the quad rider smock, stealth tweed,bought mine from Graham's in Inverness ,can not fault it one bit great bit of kit.

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    I bought the quad rider smock (stealth tweed) 3 years ago, fine on the hill, front pocket pop stud went, e mailed Nomad and it took 2 months for some replacements to come, pretty pooor service iMO considering they are based in scotland.

    ATB wallace

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    I've had Nomad for two - three years now, excellent in the wet and winter - FAR TOO HOT for other than a cold day. The stealth fabric tends to blend to one shade as the wear increases. But on the whole delighted with the CASH DEAL i secured at Moy Game Fair.

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    @ £420. It would have to have been woven with Jasons golden fleece and been dyed with Krug green for me to pay that.
    "you nae be needing these no more"
    I said as I slipped the knife through the cord

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    I would never by nomad again had some leaking trousers so i spoke to the owner and sent back for replacement 9 months later i had to travel to a gamefair and confront him for my trousers not the way to treat customers or and by the way they get very heavey when wet.

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