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Thread: Kopovs tracking test

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    Kopovs tracking test

    I’ve just got back from the Slovensky Kopov clubs championship in tracking. A 2 day event with the Anlagsprov ( novice test ) on Saturday and the open class on Sunday . The test is an official Swedish kennel club approved test .

    The dogs must do the novice test before they can do open class. So on Saturday it was My Kopov, Niko’s turn to do the novice class test.

    The test was at 12 o’clock and we met the judge at the place where the test was to be conducted at 11.45. After going through the paper work and checking the dogs ear tattoo number we were of to the start of the test trail. The judge showed me the start of the trail and after inspecting that I went back to where I had sat Niko and put on his harness and tracking lead. I showed Niko the start place and we were away tracking. The trail was 600 mtrs with 2 90 degree turns with no blood for 10-15 mtrs. Niko went at a good steady pace and when we came to a gravel road he cross that OK and then cast about to find the direction the trail went. We had one minor loss of the trail but soon found it again. So we did the test in 17 minutes with a score of 37x 42.
    The judges comments on the scoring sheet were That Niko had done a very good track at a excellent tempo with just a minor fault at one turn in the track. It put us in second place in the novice class. So now I will move on to the open class test.

    Start of the trail

    End of the trail

    Saturday evening there was a BBQ with a hole roasted boar.

    Niko's first meet with wild boar

    Sunday It was time for Niko to have his first meet with wild boar. This was at a place where they have 3 enclosures with wild boar in. The smallest enclosure is about 6 acres and is for beginners and contains 3 boar. The largest enclosure is over 200acres for the more experienced dogs.
    So it was the beginners enclosure for Niko. We entered the enclosure and on the instructors command let Niko of the lead. He was a little hesitant to start with but with a little encouragement he was soon up behind the boar barking and trying to get them on the move. So after 25 minutes the training session was over and I was very pleased with Niko’s first boar meeting . It will take a few more training sessions before he is ready to hunt boar next winter but it was a good start .

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    Taht's a good weekend for the pair of you, well done. I remember the first photo of him whem he was considerably smaller and he was staring down one of your bitches in the kennel. Looks as if he has lived up to his promise, you must be well pleased.


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    blooming fantastic
    looking forward to seeing how that young fella developes
    bet you were realy chuffed when he took those boar on
    can't wait for the next installment

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    Jagare well done , its great to see a young dog coming on ,it makes all the time and effort well worth it, best of hunting to you both Paul

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    I do like the Kopov! Not sure it would be suitable for the UK though?

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