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Thread: Very proud dad.

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    Very proud dad.

    Bought my nine year old son his first shotgun today!
    He's nine, but already well on the way. Got him a little 28g o/u, but have left it in the shop to be shortened.
    Really cant wait to get him on the clays next weekend.

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    I sense some fantastic times ahead for you both, my son is 10 so totally understand your pride.
    Wont be long until he's out shooting his Dad.


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    Good age for him to start, think 28g is a far better choice for a youngster starting than .410 which a lot begin with.

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    perfect, I learned with a 28g and used it until I was 16, my mentor forced me to only use put one cartridge in at a time, a good teaching trick that.

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    Prepare yourself for when they beat you!!

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    It's fun bringing on the next generation. My 9 yr old daughter is using my little single barrelled 410 and is breaking clays far to regularly for my liking - she often hits five or six in a row and then thankfully forgets to concentrate on her technique and misses the next few - just like her father, who is a member of the clay preservation society.

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    I took my 12 year old son on a beaters day on pheasant about 20 birds went over his head during the day and he managed to shot the last bird of the season a hen before the whistle went his face was worth a million dollars
    Proud dad hope you have some great times with you son in the field as I had many years ago

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