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Thread: Venison prices

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    Venison prices

    I am being told of some dealers paying in excess of 5 a kilo for head shot red deer, 4.60 /kg for chest shot red, and 3.95 /kg for fallow. When I push the suppliers of this info for details of which game dealers are paying the above amounts I get the brush off. This leads me to think they are talking ********.

    How about a bit of transparency amongst SD members.... Which dealers in which locality are paying what price for venison ?



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    Yorkshire game are paying 2.40 per Kg for roe 2.00 per Kg for reds

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    best I seem to be able to source around argyll is 2/kg for reds.

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    i get 2.20 kilo for fallow

    this 5 a kilo sounds like bulls**T

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    getting 2.80kg for fallow - head or chest as long as the entry & exit haven't damaged anything apart from the ribs? Gone up 30p per kg from last season?

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    Sounds very high to me , when I was stalking regularily it always hovered around the 2 a kilo mark, their lucky or maybe been on the "Shrooms"

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    2 per Kg at the dealer in the jacket regardless of where shot but a game butcher local will pay 3 per Kg out of the Jacket.All species.
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    Simpson Game, Newtonmore, 3 kg Roe, not sure on Red price this year.

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    Locally I get 1 a lb for Roe, 1.50 a lb for Fallow & 5 a carcass for muntjac. There is a price for Red & Sika but I have none on my permissions so took not notice sorry.
    This is in the fur and head or chest shot.
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    Hmm interesting ,I always get more for good quality Roe venison than Fallow.Its a far superior product IMHO?

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