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Thread: Abnormal Antlers

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    Abnormal Antlers

    This antler was given to me by Di from BDS. It was obviously fractured whilst still in velvet. The inner and outer sections have separated, whilst loss of inner core had stopped growing due to loss of blood supply the outer just under the velvet has continued to grow. From my own dissections velvet is robust.

    Another antler given me by Norman Heinrich.The other antler had not grown. Quite co-incendentally I met the stalker who had shot all the 3 animals with precisely this condition 2 of the same age and one a year younger. The master buck had the same abnormality All were melanistic. He didn't know what happened to the master buck as he just disappeared . Genetic fault.

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    Fascinating! Thanks, morena.
    /l\ Y gwir yn erbyn y byd /l\

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