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Thread: Barrel stringing?

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    Barrel stringing?

    Would you expect a T3 varmint to string? Shot about 25 rounds today (over a 20 minute period but a maximum off 5 within 1 minute of each other then a rest to check the targets). The barrel was warm and the moderator hot at the end. I thought these varmint barrels didn't string but I just couldn't get consistent groups? Would this heat necessarily mean that the shots would be consistent?

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    What calibre?

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    What calibre?

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    Take the moderator off and try the same again!

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    Sorry I would have to drive 135miles to do that and won't be back there for 3 weeks. It was just a general question as to whether varmint barrels string and if when they are warm they are inaccurate?

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    Even heavier barrels won't shoot consistently when they are overheated, and I suspect that 25 shots in 20 minutes was simply just too much for yours. You'll find that taking the mod off every time you stop shooting will help the barrel to cool (if you're not doing it already).

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    When did the inconsistencies arise? Was your grouping poor from the off or did it deteriorate during the course of the session?

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    At first it was approx 2inch off to the right. Few scope clicks and it grouped an inch then we found the moderator wasn't tight. Also it was on some home loads I got with the gun.

    I suspect it was the mod not being tight then the barrel overheating. Guess unkown home loads could be highly suspect as well.

    Now moving to Federal Power Shok 140g so will zero with allowing cooling between shots.

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