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Thread: Greetings all

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    Greetings all

    Hi all,

    I'm based in Wiltshire and have been managing deer and vermin and game shooting for over 20 years. I shoot with a .22, a .243, a .25-06 and a 6.5x55. I also reload for the 3 centrefire calibres.

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    welcome aboard mate
    may i make a simple request
    and change your user name,
    as it was used by a previous member that others never got on with and hate to feel you will be tarred with the same brush with out members realy getting to know you
    as he is now banned
    and suspect you may already be feeling the side effects just because of your user name
    kind regards

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    Name change

    Hi Stone,

    Thanks mate, name now changed.

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    where abouts in wiltshire are you buddy

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