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Thread: Warbles in Red Deer Yearling Hind

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    Warbles in Red Deer Yearling Hind

    Photos of warble in yearling hind. This animal was found dead and traveler wanted to know why it had died. He felt they had contributed to cause of death. For those unfamiliar with life cycle of Deer warbles ( Hypoderma diana ) Fly activity is at peak when calves born so they can become a sitting target. The eggs are laid on the hair, hatch and penetrate the skin. They then migrate through the tissues to reach the back,near the spine. THe skin over the larvae weakens and they hatch over the following summer to repeat the cycle. The skin then heals to leave a scar.

    Thank you to traveler for forwarding these photos to me and permission to post them.

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    I shoot out on the west coast of scotland near to Gairloch and the deer rarely ,if ever, have warbles on them.Is this a localised thing?


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    Hi scotspine,
    There are areas of high incidence of warbles throughout the highlands. In other areas they are unknown. The same with nasal bots. Someone did post about a muntie with ? cattle warbles which was interesting. Anything out of ordinary in your deer please post. Desperately looking for photos of a hummel.

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    I know warble are notifiable in livestock but not deer, obviously this deer was dead, but what would you do with a deer with warble fly if you shot it?


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    Its not notifiable in deer, Nix. It is common throughout the highlands, and although it looks rather unpleasant doesnt affect the meat as the grubs dont penetrate that far. We try to get our hinds for skinning fairly early in the season before the grubs proliferate. My father in law farms and I mentioned warbles to him just in conversation and he was surprised they were present in deer because they had to eradicate them in cattle a long time ago.

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    Scotspine i have seen deer with a high warble burden just across the loch from where you stalk.

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    We've shot hummels before where I go in the Highlands. Should we do so this year (won't be until September) is there anything specifically you want photo'd, or just general shots?


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    Both Nix Neveus & Traveller said

    "Warble fly is not a notifyable disease in deer" however when I asked DEFRA if this was the case they said it was!

    "Thank you for your email of 19 June about warble fly in deer.
    Warble fly is a notifiable disease in deer and horses as well as in ordinary cattle ? see Defra?s webpage on this at:
    and for full general information about warble fly see Defra?s factsheet at:
    With respect to warble fly Scotland, you should contact the Scottish Executive, e.g. at: Similarly for Wales you should contact the Welsh Assembly Government:

    Yours sincerely,

    Geoff Collard
    Customer Contact Unit
    Defra "

    I wonder if Morena could set the record straight?

    Thanks, Willie

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    I've found it more common than not to have warble on hinds both central and western highlands.

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    We recieve rescued whitetail fawn from local game wardens, and we just recieved a fawn this year and she had one warble. This was the first we have had with any warbles. To remove it, simply put full strength peroxide in the 'breathing hole' of the larvae, and it will stick its head out to breath. When it does so, grab it with a pair of tweezers, and pull it out, being careful not to burst it open or pull it apart, or its toxins could send the deer into shock. Do not do this unless you can see the black begining to stick out of the hole, otherwise, the undeveloped larvae will tear easily. We removed it because the fawn had blood coming out of the site and she was biting it until it was bleeding more.

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