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Thread: Getting kitted out

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    Getting kitted out

    I am off to the States in a few weeks and have decided to equip myself with some reloading gear whilst I am there. Now I have some decent powder scales and a set of dies. What else are the essentials I need to get started ? Any recommendations on brands etc? I will be reloading for a 6.5 x 55

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    RCBS is very good gear, case length cutter, de-burring tool, primer pocket cleaner, primer press, die holder / press, micrometer, the list goes on.
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    A couple of hundred quality brass would be on my shopping list.
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    why not try a british stockist to see if he can do you a good deal and save on the carriage , with 24hour support on the phone as well i might add as many memmbers on here will testify too
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    Definitely worth picking up goodies from the States, will save a packet!

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    Post me back a thumbhole stock from stockys stocks browning abolt short action in forest camo please

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    Quote Originally Posted by finnbear270 View Post
    A couple of hundred quality brass would be on my shopping list.
    In 6.5x55? Good luck with that. Even lowly Winchester is $78/100 when you can find them. I use PPU because i like the brass, the loaded ammo is cheaper than Winchester's brass, and it's available at Cabelas. The Swede 6.5 is not overly popular here. Specific items for that chambering might be hard to locate.

    Another thing, and I posted this in General Discussion area, the Feds are getting pretty picky about what leaves the country. I installed a Precision Sniper Stock on my AR-10 This week and in the upper right corner of the instruction sheet was a warning that the sheet, and the info contained on it, would come under the current laws regarding passing weapons, munitions, or technology if provided to a foreign national. They are getting that strict.~Muir

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    Yep. ITAR items are being strictly monitored these days (there have been some issues over in the dirtbelt region of the world with items popping up that came from the 'States). If it is "tacticool", you may have issues getting it out of the country. Hunting stuff shouldn't, however, be an issue.

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