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Thread: Stalking syndicate in the south west wanted

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    Stalking syndicate in the south west wanted

    Hello, I am looking for a stalking syndicate or a lease in the south west, I have some deer shooting on one of my pest control permissions but can't shoot too many as the numbers aren't there, I would like to buy the rights or something similar so I could go out on an evening in the piece and quiet and have a nice stalk. I don't know a lot about the syndicates leases etc but I can assure anyone I am honest and conscientious, I also have my dsc and I'm fully insured if anyone can help please send me a pm
    forgot to mention I'm in launceston area so within about fifty miles please

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    Hi Tomm, i dont know of any local syndicates but what i do know is that people (myself included) are very, very protective over their stalking as it has taken most of us years to build it up. Now i know of one or two locals around here that seem to go to any farm they like offering sums of money for the stalking and in some circustances getting it even though they know someone has been stalking this ground for some time. Now call me old fasioned but personally i think this is s*it behaviour and these people are about as popular as a Rattlesnake in a lucky dip! Its good that you are asking for syndicates etc but i would not follow this trend if you want any friends.

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    I think you have got the wrong end of the stick with what I was asking for, I have plenty of permissions so know what you are talking about, what I am asking for is if there is some wear where you pay a certain amount of money per year and can shoot there, I'm sure I've read that such things exist and that it is not just one person that shoots the land, like I said I've no experience with this sort of thing so don't know how any of it works I was just asking that's all


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    Fair play, i see where you are coming from now. I dont know of anything like that around the southwest though.

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    Try Brian at Woodford Fallow. Regards

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