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Thread: My first stalk - OMG I'm addicted now.

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    My first stalk - OMG I'm addicted now.


    Well I had my first stalk on Thursday with James Gillan of St Boswells.

    The weather kept dry for us and I managed to rack up three on the morning stalk, all were good clean kills taken at good ranges.

    We didnt manage to see anything on the evening, I think I had used up all my aces in the morning.

    I can't wait to get back up there (as predicted by several of you fellas)

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    Well done Steve welcome to a world of excitement and of course bloody good sausages and an even better excuse to get away from her indoors

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    Congratulations steve

    Now you hooked there's no getting away, hope you have lots of luck and success on your future outings.

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    All the above Steve, well done mate!
    Just got back home after a ten hour drive. All my clothes are covered in mud, blood and sh!t, my brand new rifle barrel's scratched and my bino's are all misted up. Only one thing to do then! Hang up my two beautiful Red yield hinds, have a whisky and plan my next stalk!


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    mine was going to be saturday went down with the flu,goughing all the time,be no good evern thinking of stalking.
    got it book't in for 2 weeks time

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    SteveOh & Beowolf
    well done you pair when I came back from my first trip over the border my steyr's woodwork looked white where it had been out in so much rain bit of oil and rubbing soon cured that I hope the binos are only misted on the outside!
    most of all many more good stalks to you both.


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    Thanks Dickie,
    Nice to have you back! No unfortunately my bino's are misted on the inside. Well one side at least. Can this be repaired? If not, any chance you can 'borrow' the 'Old Mans' for me next time your on the bridge.

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    Sorry about that with the Binos what make are they and how old try sending them back.

    I dont go high enough to get the old mans I would get a nose bleed!!


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    Optolyth Royals, second hand. They are clear now but once I take them out into the rain again ! I want another pair anyway. These are too big! I feel like a German Uboat skipper with them around my neck!

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    Well done SteveOh!!
    That's something for the memory card and no mistake, fantastic!
    Now the bug is in your sytem you're incurable, I'm just back from two days of getting wet without so much as getting a shot off, but I was with a good mate, saw a few deer, had some fresh air in my lungs and I can't wait to get back out.
    No way was it a weekend wasted, it just confirmed, again, that deer stalking is fantastic come rain or shine.
    Stalkings great whether you take or not, sadly you won't always have a hat-trick but I suspect already that you won't need to, best of luck and well done.

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