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Thread: Three binoculars

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    Three binoculars

    I started stalking in Feb 2008.
    To start I bought Zeiss Dekarem 10x50 off the bay, the older ones without the multi coatings.
    These are great to get going especially as I did not have anything else.
    After a while I realised about the later ones having multi coatings and bought a pair on the the bay.
    I could tell a difference in clarity and colour rendition, but it was not that great.

    About month ago I bought a pair of Ace Avian F 8x42 from Ace Cameras. In the shop I thought they were very slightly better than the later Dekarems.
    In use there was very little difference in optical quality.
    It can be a little tricky to compare 10x50 with 8x42 though.
    The Ace Avians were on a 14 day sale or return.
    They are very nice to use and much smaller than the Dekarems, but I could not justify the cost with little or no improvement optically.
    So I took them back and had a look on the net to see what to try next.

    I bought a pair of Zeiss 7x42 DIALYT T*P* about 6 years old, and I am really impressed, they are very good, decent eye reilef, not too big and not too heavy the optics are well worth the investment.
    The T* stands for lens coating I thiink and the P* stands for prism coatings.
    I would have prefered 8x56 but I could not find any apart from new at 930 which is a bit much to spend.
    It does speak volumes about the quality of the Dekarems though, they are very good.

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    Jack 930 a bit much you've bought tree pairs had you kept all he monies you've spent you'd be more than half way there .

    The way I look at it is my rifle is over my shoulder 90 % of the time my binoculars are at my eyes constantly, there used more than any other piece of kit i have, optics are one thing you should never scrimp on ,the people I take out, I look and see what kit they have most have good optics the few that haven't don't see the beasts on the ground clarity of the optics tells the story time and again ,if you can't see it you can't shoot it .
    It maybe negative but its true .

    Save up trade in the three pairs you have and buy Zeiss ,Leica or Swarovski you'll never be sorry, the other bit is if your ever hard up and need the cash there easy to sell and hold a good price ,anything else second best .

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    The biggest practical difference between the various bino's you mention is whether they are fog/water proof or not...

    For stalking bino's, being waterproof is pretty much essential.

    The Zeiss 7x42 DIALYT T*P* were ( and still are) a damn good bino...

    IIRC Zeiss didn't guarantee them as waterproof on the European market, but did on the American market but from a stalkers perspective, for all practical purposes, they are waterproof when it comes to using them in the rain ect..



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